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This Week’s Most Noteworthy Performance by an Actor

October 5 – 11
White Out” | Once Upon A Time
Colin O’Donoghue

One of our favorite things to do is to rewatch an episode later on with a friend to see if their reactions were similar to ours. And when our friends were in tears because of Colin O’Donoghue’s faultless performance in “White Out”, it’s what made us certain that we’d chosen this week’s Most Noteworthy Performance correctly.

The moments that are continuously talked about are both the silent ways in which O’Donoghue brought Killian’s heartache to life, and the terror he made certain was heard in his voice every time he spoke while Emma was trapped under the ice. At the end of the day, what matters most is sincerity and O’Donoghue brings that to every single one of his performances. It’s not always easy to have immense fear heard in one’s voice, but O’Donoghue’s mastered it. A performance that was nothing short of perfect served as a marvelous reminder to everyone that Killian’s love for Emma is more profound than anything he’s ever felt and she’s ever known. It wasn’t just in the moments where Emma’s life was threatened, but even when she was safe in his arms, fear could still be heard in Killian’s voice as he asked her if she was okay. That same fear could be seen and most importantly felt in the way he embraced her because as an audience. Ultimately, beyond that, the unwavering love Killian Jones has for Emma Swan is conveyed most gorgeously during Charming’s speech through the ardently loving way he looked at the women he was holding in his arms as though she’s the greatest treasure in the world.

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