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This Week’s Most Exquisite TV Moment

October 19 – 25
“The Apprentice” | Once Upon A Time

Date nights are incredible, but the most beautiful part of them is two lost kids finding love and comfort with one another – two lost kids living the kinds of lives they never thought possible. Killian and Emma’s date doesn’t go as planned but it doesn’t stop the two of them from achieving the impossible. Since she’s been in Storybrooke, Emma’s accepted the fact that because she’s the savior, she isn’t given a day off. And throughout her time there she’s continuously shown just how much she believes in that notion by never letting the chaos outside leave her mind. Killian Jones managed to make her forget the very things no one ever has. Killian’s a man whose life has forced him to believe that he could never be with someone again, that he could never love and be loved. He’s always understood that in order to be worthy of someone like Emma, he must change his ways and become a better version of himself. And even after he’s done everything necessary, there has always been a part of him that’s believed he’s not whole enough for her. Just as Killian helped Emma forget the troubles outside, Emma wanted to make sure he felt he was more than enough – she made him feel treasured for all that he’s done.

From their body language to the words exchanged, both parties exhibit just how deeply they care for another and how open they are to delving into the great unknown with each other.

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