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Scandal 4×08 “The Last Supper” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Three words: Take down Rowan.

Episode Summary: Olivia, Jake and Fitz all are coming up with a plot to get Rowan into custody. Meanwhile, Huck is having quality time with his son, Quinn is out watching a guy just eat his life away and Mellie…Mellie is back having her way with the Veep. Oh and Cyrus is out to get Elizabeth North for setting up him with Michael.

Review | Analysis: Finally, something is happening in Scandal! After clearing Jake’s name the gang is back in action trying to figure out how to bring in the real culprit in all of this – Rowan, aka Papa Pope. While these three are having the conversation of a lifetime, we notice Jake keeps telling Fitz to refer him as Captain Ballard and that only friends call him Jake. Ouch.

Meanwhile, Liz comes to Liv for help and she becomes her new client, only to find out that Cyrus had set her up by bugging her phone. Seems like she had more dirt on him than expected. However, Liv doesn’t tell her that. Instead she tells her that it was a virus, the “Goldilocks” virus and that her associate has updated her phone and wifi so everything is back to normal. Ha yeah right!

Seems like nowadays Mellie is finally getting back to her old self. So much so that she starts back up with her “affair” with the Veep. Um…and I personally think it’s because he was super close to die in that car bombing that happened just as he was coming out of a meeting regarding West Angola.

Huck and his son have been having some very long overdue bonding time together. And how you may ask? Well none other then bring your son to work day of course! Yet his ex/wife? doesn’t know that Javi has contacted his father. Yikes! While they’re having their time together, Huck bumps into none other than Quinn and they soon realize that they’re on the same stake out as they watch Liz talk to Kubiak, the employee seen fighting with Caitlin for control of that ever so famous folder. But wait it gets better! The doorbell rings and who’s on the other side? Andrew! The Veep, and what is he doing at Liz’s door? Having an affair with her!!! What the…?!? Guess he’s not being as truthful and faithful to Mellie as she thought.

The dinner Liv set up with her father to arrest him essentially goes astray. Obviously you can’t expect for Command to not know what is really going on. As they have their dinner, he gets deep and says that while he certainly made mistakes, he only wanted the best for her. It becomes clear that Rowan is not being arrested at all. Rowan tells Liv that he’s leaving and that the sharpshooters lined up around the restaurant are all dead. In the situation room, Fitz and Jake watch as they all topple to the sidewalk.

The files David obtained end up being blank. How did Papa Pope even get his hands on these files that fast? Instead of being captured, Rowan casually walks out but not obviously having the last word to his daughter: “You think the world is terrible with me in it. Wait until you see what it’s like without me.” Chills!!!

Things to consider until next week’s episode: How did Rowan pull that off? Why wasn’t there a back up plan? How long until Mellie realizes Andrew isn’t really who he says he is? What will happen with Huck and Javi?

– Tanya Nazarian





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