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Scandal 4×07 “Baby Made A Mess” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

This week’s episode raised a few questions about Olivia Pope’s motives.

Episode Summary: Olivia bribed a prison guard to shiv Tom in confessing who really murdered the president’s son and we’re introduced to Abby’s past, ahem, meaning her abusive ex-hubby.

Review | Analysis: There wasn’t a really “proper” scandal in this week’s episode except that we learned about the reemergence of Abby’s abusive ex and a car bombing in West Angola.

Scandal writers brilliantly brought us up-to-date with Abby’s backstory, having Fitz nominate Abby’s ex-husband, Charles aka Chip Putney to replace the disgraced senator. Chip ended up dropping out of the race but it had less to do with the his opposition, Susan Ross and more to do with Leo Bergen, his own campaign manager leaking some info about him. Not to mention, Abby bravely confronted Chip after he tried to intimidate her in the parking garage. It was pretty surprising to see Leo and Abby share a kiss, yet at the same time, it was nice to see her smiling again.

Since Abby warned Cy about the leaking of White House information from none other than Michael, Cy tries to figure out who Michael is really working for by mention the West Angola case. But he finds out after Mellie brings it up in an interview just who he’s working for.

Olivia hasn’t given up on Jake either. She monopolized David Rosen’s phone lines to get into Supermax, where the attorney general assumed she’d want to see Jake. But she actually went in to see Tom, who stuck to his story about Jake giving the order to kill Jerry. Side note: Tom had more lines in this week’s episode than in all the episodes he’s been in. Olivia offered to help Tom, basically confirming that she suspected her own father of giving the order but when Tom refused, she told him to watch his back.

While Olivia tried to get a report on Jake’s well being, she someone wound up with some very surprising phone sex from the president. Fitz eventually fessed up and told Liv that Jake was getting 2,700 calories a day and an hour’s worth of exercise and sunlight. But it’s Rowan who motivated her to find out who really killed Jerry. She ordered someone to stab Tom because she knew it would disturb his loyalty to Ro, but Tom ended up telling Olivia everything.

Olivia arranged a meeting between Jake and Fitz in which we’ll see all three of them have a sit down with Rowan in the next episode. Awkward!

What did you think of this week’s ep? Do you think Fitz and Jake will make amends? Let us know.

– Tanya Nazarian





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