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Scandal 4×06 “An Innocent Man” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

This episode gave a glimpse of the past, present and future.

Episode Summary: Olivia takes on the ever-so on-going dilemma of who killed the president’s son into her own hands.

Review | Analysis: This week’s episode turned out to be all about the women in the world. The former president, Randolph Cooper, the Reagan if you will, died. What’s interesting is that during his presidency, Coops survived an assassination attempt which he ended up having a bullet in his brain and failing to send the guy who did it to him to jail.

Fast forward to today, Olivia Pope has nabbed a client who turns out to be the assassin of the pres who’s claiming now that he’s innocent and needs Liv’s help. Meanwhile, Cyrus continues his rendezvous with Michael to the point where he’s getting him an apartment and a secure cellphone! Say what?!

Quinn and Huck are still working away on the cliffhanger from last week’s case: the key Quinn found from that teen’s gut. Turns out it leads to a locker full of pictures of none other than Olivia Pope! And the plot thickens from here…

Olivia talks to the pres about Abby and how he claims how she’s a bitch. Taking a stance for all women, she says “The words used to describe women! If she was a man, you’d say she was formidable, or bold, or right.” The allure of Olivia is that even though she is in love with Fitz, she is, at the core still her own person, committed to her principles.

Papa Pope, on the other hand, is using his daughter as leverage in transactions that she cannot assert herself at all. He tells Jake that he handed his greatest treasure to him and that all he had to do was pay respect to his father. Clearly the guy loves his daughter, we know that but this is not about his daughter. This is a different matter between Jake and Rowan and in this Olivia is not a person but more of a bargaining chip is just ugh no words! The best part was when Olivia had a talk with her father at the pool after Jake was pulled from his grasp: “You may be Command, Dad, but I have weapons at my disposal. Weapons you can’t possibly possess.”

This episode also introduces us to the wonderful Bitsy Cooper, who walks into the White House like she owns the place. Widow of the recently dead pres, Bitsy reveals to Mellie that she was the power behind the throne during the years her husband was in office. We find out that Coops had undiagnosed ADD. The FLOTUS face-off leads to maybe one of the greatest scenes ever! Mellie and Bits tossing back martinis on the White House balcony. They bond over having horndog hubbies. We see Mellie have an aha moment. For the past three seasons, we’ve seen her try to balance being the model First Lady but being unsuccessful, but being with Bits it’s helped her realize a few things. Hence why she throws Fitz “under the bus” after Coops funeral.

What did you think of this week’s episode? A few things still in question – why did Caitlin and Faith have pics of Olivia? When will Fitz realize Jake isn’t the problem, it’s Rowan? Let us know below! Until then…

– Tanya Nazarian





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