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Scandal 4×05 “The Key” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Good to know that justice will be set within time of course for the death of Caitlin.

Episode Summary: Olivia is on the hunt to find out who killed Caitlin and get her mother out of jail. On top of that, Jake has been taken into custody and Caitlin’s best friend died.

Review | Analysis:  The opening scene in this week’s episode just left us in awe. Queue mystery man and Caitlin’s best friend, Faith. We see them fighting. Cool. Olivia has Quinn call them cops to report an assault, but just as she’s doing so we see something else happen. Boom. Gun shot (silent of course). Olivia and Quinn just look at what they’ve just witnessed and gasp.

Fast forward to Quinn going to pay a visit to Faith’s body. She had been going back and forth trying to figure out what she could have possibly had to get her killed. And she finally figured it out. It was something in her body. She starts cutting her body open – we had to close our eyes here. Got a bit bloody for our taste – and lo and behold finds the object that the mystery man was after, a key. She goes to show Huck, but sees him in a state of shock. Turns out his wife set him up in seeing his son except she brought in a guy to help him cope with his delusional statements of being a “killer.” This was the one time we genuinely saw Huck almost happy. Almost.

Back at the White House, Jake has been taken in for the murder of the president’s son. Olivia realizes something isn’t right and takes it upon her to find out. When she does, she obviously goes running to her father and begins to accuse him for all the heinous crimes that had happened recently. He denies them and reassures her it was all Jake. Harrison. Jerry. All of it. Olivia calls up Fitz and demands to know what they did to him. Fitz hangs up on her and goes to see Jake himself. Oh my and what happened next was just like really? Fitz begins to beat the living you know what out of Jake.

Once Mellie finds out that Fitz hadn’t been screwing around with Liv and that he was in talks with their son’s killer, a light shined on her. It looked like just for a second she was about to get back to her normal self and begin acting like the First Lady. But first, she finally decided to take a shower! Guess the hashtag #smellymellie won’t come into use anymore.

Abby pays a visit to Liv to let her know everyone’s trying to be like her and that David basically killed a guy just for trying to get his position in the White House secure. But she sees Liv has been crying and asks what happened. Liv begins to repeat, “Jake killed Harrison.” For a few seconds it seemed like the two were on the same team when Abby began to comfort her.

A few things to consider for next week’s ep – is Mellie going to go back to finally being FLOTUS? What’s going to happen to David now that he’s inherited this drinking habit? And Jake? Is he innocent or did he really kill the President’s son? I mean we all saw that episode, he couldn’t have right?

– Tanya Nazarian





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