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Scandal 4×04 “Like Father, Like Daughter” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

You would’ve thought that the first encounter of the Pres and Liv would’ve been in a different setting, but no they were brought together thanks to his underaged daughter’s dirtiest sex scandal ever seen.

We gotta admit this was the first “Scandal” episode that really brought out the meaning of the show. Obviously the interaction between Fitz/Liv and Liv/Mellie was a bonus, but it was because we got Olivia Pope with her amazing fixing powers to take down those slimy blackmailing parents. Finally, Liv showed smarts and strength and fury (the whole nine yards basically).

The Liv/Fitz situation remains broken as ever and with him not letting an opportunity to make out with Liv even happen, even when she’s there solely to help solve his daughter’s sex tape scandal was a bit shocking to be honest. During the first half of the ep, we sympathize with Fitz because he’s trying to cope with the whole situation with his daughter and we don’t blame the daughter. I mean come on, the poor teen is grieving the loss of her brother and her parents are barely holding it together. But then Fitz’s learns about Jake and Liv’s island vacay and he just melts down forgetting about the current situation – his daughter. Duh!

So what better way to prove his macho self by manhandling Olivia and then deciding to completely trust Rowan who killed his son? We all can agree that Rowan aka Papa Pope is the most evil person ever. Surely Fitz should have a little doubt about this guy, right?

Jake gets pulled into this mess of course and now one of two things can happen: either he goes to heaven or he’s going to be shipped into a hole next to Mama Pope. Maybe Olivia will continue her kicking ass streak and find a way to save Jake.

As much as I love Jake, I’m not that much of a fan of him because of his past doings but I do hope Olivia rescues her somewhat boyfriend meaning we would all find out that it was her father not mother, who killed her ex-lover’s son.

What did you think of the episode? Let us know below. We’ll see you here next week, same time!

– Tanya Nazarian





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