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Scandal 4×03 “Inside the Bubble” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Cyrus has definitely been put under the “love spell” so to speak. Michael, the male prostitute/business student has convinced him just that at a pretty high cost if we don’t say ourselves – $2500, plus tip! Poor Cy, he doesn’t know what’s coming to him all thanks to Lizzie bear.

Jake, on the other hand, was closing in on Pape Pope’s role in the deaths of Harrison and Fitz’s son. He spent declining Liv’s invitation to have dinner with her and her father for most of the episode, but he eventually gives in and goes. Jake takes the moment when Olivia leaves to take  a call, to confront Rowan over his bad deeds and suggests that he leaves the country. Shocker. Obviously Rowan says no.

Back at the Grant residence aka the White House, David Rosen steps in with some blackmail material for one of the circuit court judges just as the admin was going to lose the battle over their gun control law. And as a result, the judge’s forced vote ends up tipping the balance in their favor and Rosen is met with fanfare. But by the end of the ep, he learns that the judge he blackmailed committed suicide! What the?!?

Liv offered to help find Caitlin, the daughter of an old law school chum, who is also friends with Abby. How icy are things between Liv and Abby, btws? Abby’s actually the one who gets the call from Catherine, but Liv insist on taking it on solo – of course, true Olivia style. Besides, Abby’s pretty busy with her new job at the White House anyways so it makes sense.

Quinn steps in and helps find Caitlin and Liv tells Abby the great news. However, Huck uncovers some pretty disturbing evidence – a sex tape of Catherine with Caitlin’s boyfriend. Caitlin ends up dead and Liv and the police are pretty convinced her former classmate shot her. Catherine is arrested but it isn’t until the end of the ep where Huck finds video that could end Catherine. In the footage, we see a terrified Cait arguing with some guy at her father’s firm.

This murder isn’t the only mysterious crime of the ep. After a newlywed is accused of pushing her groom off of a cliff, Mellie takes charge and presents it to Fitz’s cabinet. Pretty sad moment that Abby handled with enough care and grace to get invited to drink a 74-year-old Scotch with the press who up until that moment had been calling her Gabby.

Let’s take a moment and chat about the “reunion” of the two most unthought out couple of this show – Quinn and Charlie! Why would Ballard even consider letting these two see each other? Poor Quinn she finally let go of that chapter and then to be used as a pawn to get Charles talking? Tsk Tsk bad Jake! But of course, she ends up giving in and kisses him. Real or not? To be honest, I don’t even know at this point but it was pretty bad ass of her to call out Liv and Huck for not looking for her.

Here’s to the show picking up some pace, this one was somewhat slow in our opinion. But let us know what you thought of it! Until next week…

– Tanya Nazarian





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