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Revenge 4×10 “Atonement” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Revenge did it again. Tonight we say goodbye to the one guy that we all love but “hate” at the same time – Daniel 

Episode Summary: Daniel and Margaux finally hash out their differences and as they try to get back together, of course, he dies. Not only that, but Victoria is back doing what she does best – meddling in other people’s business, this time her one and only love, David.

Review | Analysis: It’s clear to say that nobody does death like Revenge. And tonight we got a taste of what it feels like to lose someone who is so vital to the show. Honestly, we were not expecting it at all. To say it was shocking is an understatement. But before his death, a lot went down leading up to that tragic scene.

First off, Daniel and Margaux finally seemed like they were going to get back together, but boy were we wrong! At the beginning of the ep, Margaux pays a visit to Daniel and tells him she intends to raise their child alone. She doesn’t like what kind of a man he’s become. Basically the girl has trust issues, and we don’t blame her. Daniel spends most of the episode brooding and reflecting on the past. In a cameo by his late father, Conrad, we flash back to 2008 and see him trying to convince Daniel not to testify against one of his frat brothers who assaulted a girl. He ends up convincing him and Daniel leaves the courthouse. Back to present day, Victoria stops being the worst for just a few minutes and actually helps the two lovebirds reconcile. She first talks to Margaux, who tells her about the pregnancy. Victoria assures her that Daniel is nothing like his father and that he’ll be a better father to their unborn child. But this kind of backfires on Daniel’s end since the memory of what happened back in 2008 and shooting his ex-wife, has been lingering heavily in the back of his mind lately. He ends up telling Victoria that she needs to stop lying for everyone and start speaking the truth because he’s tired of running from his mistakes and wants to do more than just survive. Not going to lie, kind of glad he’s finally standing up for himself and not being a momma’s boy! Margaux luckily listens to Victoria and finally calls Daniel and apologizes and tells him to come home.

Last week Victoria got a taste of her medicine and learned what it felt like to find out that the person you love liked to you and was keeping secrets. Guess she doesn’t like it now and in tonight’s episode she opens up to David and does just that. Unleashes her secrets. She’s not feeling her confident self because she knows that this Malcolm Black person is going to kill them and that the evidence David has is not enough for them to survive. And of course, it all comes back to money. Don’t these people ever learn? Clearly not, because none of them have enough money to pay back Black for everything that was stolen from him. Victoria tells David to ask Emily for money since she seems to be the only one that has her head on straight and actually has money. But David shuts down that idea because he doesn’t want his daughter to “save” him again. He makes Victoria promise, but doesn’t he know by now that she never keeps her promises? Ugh!

As Victoria pays Agent Kate Taylor a visit to discuss Emily, Daniel pays his cell mate a visit and gets what seems to be some type of poison that can make it look like as if someone died from a stoke. The fact that he tried to use it on Victoria just made us scream out loud! But unfortunately, he did not succeed. Still feeling guilty, Victoria starts to confess more things again.

Flash forward to that epic fighting scene between Emily and Kate. Before that happened though, we learned another shocking tidbit. Kate is actually Malcolm Black’s daughter! What?! Did not see that coming either. But anyway, as she’s confessing and whatnot, Emily obviously starts to pick up a vibe and we all know when that happens, she’s usually right. Turns out Kate has a gun, so Emily takes it and when she has time to dissemble the thing and put it back we don’t know. Guess that’s the magic of television! As they being to fight each other, Daniel who was out on the beach, hears the chaos and decides to go check it out. He sees Emily wounded and tries to help her even though she pleads with him to leave. Right then, Kate picks up the gun and fires at Emily, but Daniel dives and takes the bullet. The shots are heard all around, and even interrupt Victoria and David’s awkward convo. As Kate is about to take the second shot at Ems, Jack arrives just in the nick of time and kills her.

But get your tissues ready, because here is the part that totally got us. Daniel bleeds out in Emily’s arms. Before he passes, Emily lets him know that not all of their relationship was a lie, confirming something he already knew to be true. In all honesty though, there was no better way for Daniel to die. He died a hero and confirmed that he was nothing like Conrad – because we all know Conrad would be too selfish to take a bullet for ANYONE.

We can’t wait to see what happens next! Let us know what you thought of this episode.

– Tanya Nazarian





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