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Revenge 4×09 “Intel” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

It’s difficult to seek the truth when the fine line between friends and enemies is blurred.

Episode Summary: David won’t give up on his daughter and Emily wants a relationship with her father. This decision causes the beginning of a new mystery to be solved. And when this happens, people are bound to get hurt.

Review | Analysis: It has become evident that David is not safe, though the reasons behind it are unresolved. As Emily tortures a man to find answers, she finds herself back to square one when her key to the truth is found dead in a jail cell.

Victoria’s speech on being a changed woman is…well, done far too many times. How many times has this family seen the “light?” Her motive to take David away, proves she does not care for his happiness, as caring would mean helping him mend the relationship with his daughter. Giving up on the relationship with her son is also no great way to start this change.

We see a flashback of Victoria and David putting money into a safe that would be used for their getaway and new beginning. Fast forward to the future, David places a chip inside of the locked safe.

Malcolm Black is the man we have been searching for. David owes this man and he will not stop until he is payed. We find out sooner rather than later that the chip that David placed in the bag is his ticket to freedom. Nolan however, has other plans. His tracker allows David to get a message to Malcom. And when things seemed to take a turn for the better, Victoria sells Emily’s identity to keep David safe.

So where is this change Victoria was speaking of? As we thought, she is still the same cruel and selfish woman she has been. But more than that, she has reached a level brokenness so deep that she leaches on to any sign of love and wanting. Her character has diminished since we first met her. What was once a powerful woman, has become a desperate widow.. holding on to her last shred of light.

Emily and Daniel have a funky relationship going on and it has been incredibly entertaining to watch. Emily subliminally gives relationship advice to her ex fiancé which leads him to say those three words to Margaux. I guess this past lead to something we can call positive. And to top things off, he is now going to be a daddy.

Jack’s new love interest is a part of this Malcom Black craze. As Jack visits his lady to start a new love, Emily figures out the truth behind the pretty brunette. Victoria’s note makes its way to the wrong hands.. but we know Emily, and she always wins. Next week, someone is murdered. Let’s hope this loss will allow us to do a mini victory dance.

– Marian S.





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