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Revenge 4×08 “Contact” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Father and daughter finally get the time to do some bonding. Well, sorta.

Episode Summary: While Victoria is playing sleeping beauty, Emily and David get some time alone but things start to spiral down for the both of them including Daniel, Louise, Margaux and Nolan.

Review | Analysis: Just because Emily revealed to her father that she was actually Amanda, doesn’t mean she’s going to get the happy ending she was hoping for. On this week’s episode, we find out where David’s been the last few years and what that means for him and Emily moving on.

The episode opens where we ended off last week, Victoria on the ground after being electrocuted and Danny boy trying to save his relationship with Margaux. While Ems refused to help Victoria, David certainly took matter into his own hands and resuscitated her. She was then rushed to the hospital where a whole slew of things went down.

Can we talk about how crazy Louise is becoming for a sec?! First, she was turned away by hospital security, but somehow managed to leave a bouquet of flowers. She then is seen talking to her mother who seems to be a ghost, about trying to get impregnated by Daniel. Um…

The FBI has taken the whole who killed Conrad Grayson to another level and the agent in charge chose none other than Jack Porter to be her right hand man, leaving his partner out in the cold. She pays a visit to David while he was at the hospital waiting by Victoria’s bedside. She asked him if he could ID the man they believed killed Conrad (who is the same guy that Charlotte killed). He denies knowing the guy, but the agent said they have reason to believe David’s life is still in danger. However, he refused to leave the hospital.

This is where things got interesting! David and Emily got into a heated argument about what had gone down in the last dew years and how she did everything to clear his name, but then David screamed, “I didn’t ask for your help!” Fast forward to when two men, dressed as doctors, of course, try to capture him (the FBI clearly knew something). Luckily for David, his daughter was right there (under the bed) to help totally kick some butt! They did manage to jump out the window when David hit the emergency button, but later we see one got captured by Ems and is being held captive in her basement.

Back to Louise and her strange tactics to get her foot into the lives of the Graysons. She tricked Daniel into joining her in his shower, but he slowly caught on that it wasn’t Margaux and he banishes her from his suite. Things are not going well between Marg and Danny because it seems like she’s ignoring all of his calls but she’s hellbent on taking Louise down and she even asked Nolan to access the psycho millionaire’s criminal records! Speaking of which, Nolan figured out that Louise is disgustingly obsessed with Victoria, so now he thinks he has figured out a way to hurt her. “Victoria won’t know what hit er, trust me,” he told Emily.

Emily and Daniel have another intense scene this week and just for a moment, it felt like they were actually having a heart-to-heart. Daniel seems sympathetic toward Emily’s situation with her father and we’re not going to lie, we loved it! He obviously still has some feelings for her. We’re hoping they rekindle their romance!

So what do you think of this week’s episode? Who do you think is after David? Will Louise get preggos? Let us know below! We’ll see you next week, Revengers!

– Tanya Nazarian





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