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Revenge 4×07 “Ambush” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Are some things too broken to mend? Is there hope in a new beginning? We certainly hope so.

Episode Summary: This week, all is revealed when Emily begins to unravel the truth of her father’s disappearance. Will David figuring out her daughter is alive solve all these missing pieces or bring out new questions?

Review | Analysis: So, it’s been a week, but we finally see David walk into his daughter’s home, only as I assumed, he believes her to be a friend of Amanda. Angry and hurt that her father didn’t recognize her, she tries to figure out who he has become. But of course, she doesn’t let him leave before revealing a memory between Victoria and Amanda.

Nolan’s name is somewhat cleared, to David anyway. Jack Porter definitely got through to David to a certain extent. Between hiding from the press and helping out Emily, Nolan deserves something, like hmmm let’s say, a spa?

Now that Daniel knows Emily’s identity, there is definitely going to be another complicated situation on top of the rest of this mess. Things get pretty awkward when they both get stuck inside of the elevator. I sincerely feel sorry for Daniel as he asks Emily if any of their love was real. To our surprise, she admitted it could have been, had he not followed after his father. Feelings were there, and we know despite revenge, she was human and there was love.

Just as we assume Victoria can’t be any more evil towards David, she pays a stripper to lie to him. This disregards all doubt that he had towards her. According to Victoria, this is love. Lying and manipulating a man who has gone through a horrific experience. We know it can’t end well, but this show is full of unwanted surprises.

After Margaux is nearly killed, she figures out about Daniel’s infidelity. I do hope they both find someone who will make them better. We have seen the good Daniel and the bad Daniel and changing for the better does seem possible … at least we hope.

Emily views photos of her friend “Amanda.” Later on, we find out it was taken by her father…All this time he was free. But why didn’t he reveal himself to his daughter?

Which leads to the most shocking ending yet. Emily reveals herself to her father. The pain from losing a friend is enough to push her to blurting the truth. Had he told her early that he was still alive, so many things would have been different, better. Aiden and Amanda would be alive. She blames her father for keeping his identity a secret, but she did the same when she first learned he was alive. There are way too many similarities between these two.

The reunion ended too quickly, as Victoria injures herself. She somehow ruins things even when it isn’t planned. Next week we see a feud between father and daughter as they disagree on Victoria’s intensions. This is definitely not the sweet reunion we were imagining and it is heartbreaking to watch. We hope to see a sweet reunion part 2, though things don’t look like they are taking a turn for the better.

– Marian S.





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