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Revenge 4×06 “Damage” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

A web of lies creates conflict and often tears loved ones apart. There are those who will settle inside of that web and create more down their path and others who will escape it for a better life.

Episode Summary: In this episode we see strong bonds break between Nolan and David, and wrong ones continue to form. We also begin to unravel the truth in David’s disappearance all the while hoping for a reunion between father and daughter.

Review | Analysis: Charlotte is taken hostage once more. This time, she takes matters into her own hands and fights back. This ends up with a dead man on the floor and a call for help to Emily. A few episodes back, Charlotte was trying to kill Emily and now she calls her when things go sour. She has truly hit rock bottom. The man with the moon tattoo was after David. But why? As they fix the scene of the crime, Emily tells Charlotte that her mother killed Aiden. This just might be the thing that was needed to fully pull Charlotte away from trusting her mother over her sister.

David has a live interview. He invites Nolan for what we think is moral support. He then puts Nolan on live television and accuses him of taking money from his daughter. He was to provide millions to Emily but she ended up being a “stripper” and living a low end life. Sounds a lot like David did some investigation on the real Emily. This completely tears Nolan apart as he leaves without words. Victoria’s smile is all the more reason for us to be angered during this moment. It’s time to reveal the truth, Emily!

The father she once believed to be dead, is alive. He is trusting the woman who has killed his daughter’s fiancé and helped put him behind bars. This has to be nerve wracking for all viewers just waiting for the moment things might turn around. One thing is for sure, a father would forgive a daughter for all the revenge in the world if he knew she was alive.

Charlotte is checking herself into rehab but not before she speaks the last word to her mother. Figuring out that her mother killed Aiden and lied to David both in the past and now, was the best thing to happen to her. We see a confused and hurt woman, trying to escape a life that has emotionally drained her.

She pays a visit to her brother and reveals something about Emily, possibly her true identity.  She does not leave without getting a letter. Now we wonder what words Emily wrote to her sister and what exactly Charlotte told her brother. As Victoria calls her daughter, she clicks decline. This short moment, was possibly one of the most powerful ones in the episode. She is now a woman who cannot be fooled any longer.

David pays Nolan a visit after the live humiliation … for one last word. This ends up with Nolan bleeding on the floor and Emily running to his rescue. This time, Emily is the reason why Nolan is being targeted – by the only man he looked to as a father. Knowing Nolan though, he will stick by Emily and help figure out this new mess.

Now we know that David staged the place that he was “trapped” in for years. There are so many questions but all we can say is: why? And where was he all this time? How did he escape and where did he escape to? There must be a reason for all of this and Emily will not reveal herself until she figures out everything.

So, have fun, Victoria. Although David is trusting of his former lover, we know it must come to an end someday. Especially knowing that she kept Emily’s true identity a secret.

– Marian S.





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