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Revenge 4×05 “Repercussions” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Lies have always caused an issue with relationships and we only hope that this time around, revenge and deceit are not the path taken.

Episode Summary: This episode tests the love of a father and daughter in the midst of all chaos. We see David fight to keep his daughter’s memory alive and Emily fights to reveal the truth.

Review | Analyses: Revenge ironically begins with David at her daughter’s “grave.” After the many times Emily visited her father, it’s quite a twist to have things the other way around. They both believed the other was dead at one point, and we hope David finds out the truth much sooner than Emily did.

Watching David love Victoria is really heartbreaking because of all the many evil things she has done to his own daughter. Keeping the fact that Emily is alive from him just goes to show that her love is truly impure.

To make matters worse, someone seems to be on the hunt to kill David. This mysterious person remained anonymous except for the moon tattoo on his/her hand. Who would want to hurt him after all this time?

As Emily’s desperation grows to tell her father the truth, it forces her to turn to her sister, the sister who tried to kill her just weeks earlier. We really hope the sincerity in her words changes Charlotte’s heart. After all, of all the people in the Grayson family, she did seem to be the only pure one.

And of course things must turn more complicated as Charlotte takes David to see his “son in law.” This leaves Emily with with Victoria. This is the most powerful scene as Emily tells Victoria everything we have always known, she is afraid of losing the last man she can fool into loving her.

Please someone just tell David the truth. Is there not one normal human being left? Charlotte clearly disappointed further us by lying to her father. Does she have fun wrongfully introducing her father to the grandson that is not his? And the most amazing scene comes as Jack arrives to Charlotte’s home and tells her off on all of her wrongdoings. Something got through to her, as we see the expression on her face instantly shift.

The moment between Nolan and David was beautiful. It was a connection that we have not yet seen between David and Charlotte or Victoria. As much as we wanted Nolan to blurt out the truth, we know it must come from his daughter instead.

And a plan unfolds as Emily turns to Margaux. It begins with Daniel gifting David his former home.

Emily plans on telling her father when he is “ready.” Something tells me that it’ll take longer than we hope. In the end, David speaks of revenge for the loss of Amanda. Like father like daughter, ey? Charlotte goes home with a man, and just as I guessed, it is the man with the moon tattoo. Let’s hope no harm comes before the happy reunion we are impatiently waiting for.

– Marian S.





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