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Revenge 4×04 “Meteor” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Everything we have been waiting for and everything we have feared appeared on this episode and the revelations change the dynamics of the show.

Episode Summary: Emily’s still keeping her identity a secret. David tells the press about what “really” happened to him. Victoria reminds Emily that she cannot reveal the truth without admitting to everything she’s done on her vengeful pursuit.

Review | Analyses: Emily refuses to call the cops after nearly being killed by her own father. Nolan takes matters into his own hands and does so anyways. We see him come out of his shell and make decisions without the “okay” of Emily.

And we thank him for it leads to what we have all been waiting for since last weeks sneak peak: Emily standing face to face with the father she believed to be long gone. As sad as the current situation is, the moment was nothing short of beautiful. Goosebumps traveled my body as I watched Emily stare into her fathers eyes. VanCamp did an amazing job portraying her utter shock and happiness. But was all that revenge done in vein? Now that her father is alive, it all seems so pointless. All the lives gone make us wonder if it was worth it.

Jack and Nolan seem to be on the same ship as they find out that David is alive and well. Jack refuses to see him face to face and leaves the station early, which is slightly confusing to all of us. Perhaps he doesn’t feel okay with lying to her about his daughter being alive?

David is finally a free man. After his fingerprints confirm his identity, the FBI interviews him and agree to release him as an innocent man. Conrad’s confession helped make the situation a breeze. Something tells me he physically hurt himself and shoplifted in public to be taken to the police station where his identity would be known. Is David’s story fully true? I guess we will find out. And we all know that when things happen this easily, they’ll backfire just as quickly.

To make things a bit better, David slightly pulls away from Victoria and we begin to see the mistrust between them for a split second. He takes matters into his own hands and makes the decision to turn himself in on his own.

We only hope that Emily learns from her past mistakes and makes this reunion simple. After the long road to revealing her identity to her sister and the horrible pain it has caused, we hope she doesn’t do things as she’s done in the past.

In his public statement, he asks Victoria and his daughter to join him. The question now is, how will Emily get to her father and will she reveal her identity? She has years of revenge she must explain and Victoria does a good job reminding her of that. In the previews, we see David trying to figure out his daughters “death.” It seems as though the true reunion might take a bit longer than we hope.

– Marian S.





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