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Revenge 4×03 “Ashes” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Let’s take a minute to stop and ponder what in the world Charlotte could possibly be thinking. After losing her family, boyfriend, and home, having a biological sister who is very much alive, should be considered a good thing right? Well, Emily being left to die in a burning bar isn’t the happy family reunion we were all imagining. Luckily and obviously, Jack was there to save the day.

So who does Charlotte turn to when all goes spiraling down? None other than her mother, Victoria Grayson.  After hearing about Charlotte’s attempted suicide, Victoria seems to be genuinely concerned for her daughter’s safety and wastes no time in telling her about her father who is alive and well. As frustrating it is to see Victoria with David, the reunion between father and daughter is still beautiful. After a very long time, you can see the relief on her face. David Clarke’s the one family member Charlotte’s got left who hasn’t in someway betrayed her, for the first time, it’s a fresh start to have a healthy relationship with someone.

Emily visits Charlotte and of course, David is far from where we wish for him to be. Instead, Victoria welcomes her in with a gun and a few sweet words.  And because Victoria described to David the “awful” things Emily did to their “guiltless” family, we breathe a sigh of relief that her father is not there to attack.

Let’s take a moment to think about all of this. Does Victoria really think that David would choose her in the end? He chooses the woman he remembers from 10 years ago, the woman who is innocent.. She is far from that person now, and we see that as she lies to David about the “heroic” actions Charlotte took to prove her father’s innocence. Sounds exactly like what Emily has been doing over the years now.  And to top all of that off, David won’t be too fond of figuring out that Victoria kept Emily’s true identity a secret.

To protect his “family,” David secures his knife and heads to the former Grayson mansion. Fortunately, Nolan happened to be fixing the security cameras at the same moment he enters Emily’s room. Right before Nolan aims his gun toward the man in the hooded sweater, David stares into his daughter’s face. Something tells me, he felt a connection, she was familiar to him, and that moment saved her life. Their bond’s always been incredibly unique thus it’s only natural for David to feel something special upon seeing his grown up baby girl.

So next week Emily is going face to face with her father, a reunion we have wished for even when it seemed very much impossible. Will Emily actually reveal herself? Or will she be taking a much more complicated approach (as usual). Either way, let’s hope this reunion is much sweeter than that of Emily and Charlotte’s.

– Marian S.





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