Music Monday

October 27, 2014

Nervous Girls – Lucy Hale |x|

We’ve loved this song since its debut and because we were recently reminded of how wonderful it is, we figured it’d be the perfect choice for this week’s Music Monday. It’s important to remember that other females are never our competition. They’re never anything but extraordinary, and if we focus on uplifting one another, we wouldn’t be in a place of constantly bringing ourselves down. We all have troubles of our own, there’s no need to inflict any kind of pain on others.

The cruelest words about me come from my own mouth.” At some point in our lives we must stop to realize that we are our worst enemy. And while there are unfortunately people who live to bring others down, we let them. By not focusing on the fact that it’s okay not to always have it together, we allow our minds to eat us up. Therefore, above all things, let us try to remember that we’re all very much alike. It’s okay if we’re sad. It’s okay if we’re happy. It’s okay if we’re outgoing. It’s okay if we’re shy. We are defined by the goodness that lives in our hearts. We all have a place in this world and we’re all valuable in our own special ways. By working hard and spreading kindness, we’re all deserving of superlative greatness. Today, go out of your way to uplift others. This is our message to all you ladies, love yourselves and others. We’re all so incredibly alike and beautifully complex – let’s embrace what makes us unique. Let’s go out of our way to make someone else’s life easier.

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