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Chicago P.D. 2×05 “An Honest Woman” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

The things these people will do for anyone they consider family never fails to leave me astonished – with the amount of flaws they each have, the loyalty within them is so incredibly powerful, everything else becomes trivial (sometimes).

Episode Summary: When Voight’s beaten and robbed from his safe with Olive, the team go on in house –unsurprising– case to find their team member. Olinsky’s in a bit of an awkward position but he receives some excellent advice from an unlikely source. Antonio’s ties with Asher are likely to get him regretting ever listening to Roman. Burgess and Roman are on a goose chase after a little girl steals Burgess’ badge.

Review | Analyses: The heavy focus on Voight this week was to once again remind viewers that though his methods are almost always questionable, his entire focus is on justice and those he cares for. Olive isn’t someone he’s known for a while, but the evident love a father has for his son is enough for him to want to protect a girl who even though unknowingly brought this entire mess upon herself. I found myself incredibly pleased with the fact that though he was tempted beyond belief, Voight chose not to kill the men who’d done the kidnapping. At the end of the day, we’re well aware of the fact that when anyone Voight adores is deathly threatened he’d stop at nothing to make sure they’ll pay. And since they were going to cut the baby out if he didn’t hand them the code to his safe, it’s prodigious growth on his part that he let them suffer in prison as opposed to his own hands.

The army has done Justin good. For the first time, I wasn’t worried that he’d do something drastic to get himself and the whole team running around trying to make amends. Voight even gives him his mother’s (Justin’s) ring so that he could propose to Olive and make an honest woman out of her. Once again I love the strong familial values that are being presented to us in such subtle yet wonderful ways. If you had asked me when we first met Justin about whether I thought he’d ever tie the knot, I’d probably give you a rough estimate of maybe sometime during the show’s final season. It’s great that the show’s allowing his character time to shine without making him out to be the clichéd troubled son that’s always going to get himself into the kind of chaos his dad will need to bail him out from. It works for this family. It also illumunates the fact that Voight truly isn’t just a ruthless cop, but a loving man whose methods are to the extreme because that’s how deep his love runs for those he cares for. Although I personally don’t believe it’s ever in his place to kill someone, and let’s be real, a life sentence in prison sounds far worse for some than death – it’s great to have Voight slowly back away from some of the things he may have done without a second thought before.

Olinsky’s wife is seeing someone else which forces him to take it out on the team. And before I get into Ruzek of all people giving him love advice, I want to mention how much I loved the scene between him and Lindsay. It takes us back to familial bonds the show’s created and I love that since Voight’s life was on the line, Olinsky made it his priority to reassure Lindsay of the fact that they’d find him. Remember how I said he’s like the fatherly figure in the entire unit, well this scene authenticates that very conception beautifully. I don’t believe Ruzek is in love with Burgess or vice versa, but I also never believed he was in love with his fiancé either judging by the way he’d talk about their relationship. However, I feel that whatever Burgess and Ruzek have is slowly reaching a point where it’s not just about an attraction to one another but an even greater emotional connection. If it continues this way, I do feel that the duo have potential of actually making it work as a stable, healthy couple. Therefore, I feel that being in somewhat of a healthy relationship, Ruzek’s perspective on love has changed. If Ruzek was actually in love with his fiancé he would’ve put up a fight for her, and he would’ve never cheated her; therefore, it didn’t matter to him as much as he sees how much it matters to Olinsky. And seeing how distraught he is over what’s occurred, it was wise of Ruzek to tell him that the kind of behavior exhibited by his wife is expected if he isn’t willing to fight for her. I’m excited to see Olinsky fight for his wife and with that journey, I’m also curious to see the shift between his partnership with Ruzek. I feel the longer he’s a part of the unit, the more he changes for the better, and the more that happens, the more respect he’ll earn from everyone on the team, and Alvin especially.

So apparently yelling at the TV doesn’t stop characters from doing the thing that’ll undoubtedly get them in a great deal of trouble in the future. I have such an awful feeling about Antonio’s fate this season and I wish I could say I’m surprised with the way Asher’s wife presented herself at the bar, but I’m ultimately not. And if there’s anything I expect from a storyline like this is that lies are going to send Antonio to a place he never expected a quick job would take him.

Lastly, I love that when Burgess’ badge was stolen, it wasn’t because the kids were trying to mess with her but the girl wanted to protect her younger sibling from bullies. And even though it’s clearly wrong to steal, it’s sweet that a promise kept to a dying mother is made a reality.

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