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Chicago P.D. 2×09 “Call in Dead” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Chicago P.D.’s winter finale may have contributed to what we’re deciding to call “death week on television,” but we’re keeping our hopes up it’ll be the exception.

Episode Summary: The Intelligence unit go undercover in order to bust a major heroine dealer. Lindsay makes her decision about the task force offer. Olinsky’s wife’s life is on the line. We finally meet Roman’s ex girlfriend. And a beloved member of Intelligence is shot during a case.

Review | Analysis: This week’s episode was certainly a good one, but it felt more like a filler than an actual mid season finale. Thankfully, this week the episode focused on character development in the midst of a heavy case and balanced the episode really well. I found myself most intrigued with Alvin’s story with his wife because it showcased that he’s finally fighting for her.

The episode begins with Nadia’s friend overdosing in Erin’s bathroom. She then reveals that she got the heroine from the club she was working at, and the team bust the place and learn there’s an underground drug deal beneath the club. After careful inspection, they learn that the club owner works with a member of government who’s in charge of the entire operation. As stated during the show, this is normally a case that the FBI and DEA take care of, thus it felt a bit weird that it was Intelligence handling it. And although they handled everything well, it wasn’t something they were meant to take care of. It’s what essentially made me feel as though the main purpose of the case was simply for extreme drama.

However, I did love the fact that Olinsky didn’t even think twice attack someone who had threated his wife. Evidently murder isn’t the answer to anything – ever, but it goes to show that at end of the day, he loves her more than anything in the world. it showcases the depth of his love and hopefully now, he can be happier. Also, as stated before in my reviews, because Olinsky tends to act as a fatherly figure to everyone, it was nice to see the roles reversed with Jay offering his shoulder in case Alvin needed to talk about anything.

When it comes to picking sides between Roman and his girlfriend, I cannot help but believe her side of the story of more. And I only say that because we’ve seen Roman take things out of proportion before. It doesn’t surprise me that Roman would essentially play the role of an ex boyfriend. Additionally, while we’re on the topic of in house romances going wrong, I have a lot of hope for Burgess and Ruzek, but they need to talk about things. So far, all we’ve seen them is a deep form of physical attraction. And when Burgess tried talking about it this week, Ruzek wasn’t exactly up for it, so believing that Burgess obviously won’t die, I feel this is the perfect opportunity for them to discuss where they’re at. It’ll give Ruzek the chance to show just how much he cares for her and their relationship, and it’ll hopefully also show Voight that she’s worthy of being in Intelligence because she goes through the same things they all do.

I’m all for Erin taking the job at the task force though I’m pleasantly surprised with her decision. I do believe that she’ll eventually be back and the important thing to wonder now is why. My favorite moment about this was the beautiful conversation she and Voight had. Beghe and Bush have such exquisite chemistry that each of their scenes always feel incredibly raw. And when Voight tells Erin he’s proud of her, you were able to see such sincerity. Voight’s not really a softy, but it’s phenomenal that he shows such vulnerability in front of his “daughter”. It shows the depth of his heart wonderfully, and it really adds to the complexity of his character. Hey, maybe now that they aren’t working under the same roof, Halstead and Lindsay’s one day can come sooner than later.

This episode was good, but it really didn’t leave me enough room to analyze and review the way I usually do. I wish there more in certain areas, but I suppose that’s what we’ll see when the show resumes in January. What are your thoughts on this week’s episode?

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