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Chicago P.D. 2×04 “Chicken, Dynamite, Chainsaw” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

It’s always the episodes with very little character development and too much plot that leave me unaware on what to comment on.

Episode Summary: Two missing girls send the Intelligence Unit on a wild chase while Burgess and Roman are on gun buyback duty. Someone from Justin’s comes to Voight with news. Antonio’s daughter Eva takes a train to see him.

Review | Analyses: As interesting as this week’s case was, it irked me more than anything else. I found myself upset with at the fact that a father would put his daughter’s life in jeopardy without notifying the police because even though he was told not to, there’s a way for police to remain undercover incase things go wrong.

Overall, I missed the character interactions this week. I found we were lacking a bit much in that department which made this one of the episodes I enjoyed watching but not enough to analyze.

I believe the best part of this week’s episode was finally finding out what happened to Antonio’s family. As it turns out, he and his wife aren’t divorced yet, but he’s giving her the time she needs in order to figure things out. However, the fact that such a family man hasn’t seen his kids since the occurrence is both disappointing and heartbreaking. Even though wanting to give her space is most certainly understandable, I feel as though he cares so deeply for the kids it’s unfair of him not get any time with them.

Jon Seda was the star of this week’s episode, and he completely broke me during the father/daughter scene. It wasn’t just a moment of finally talking to her after a while, but it was a promise that’ll keep Eva going until things are fixed with her parents. Seda brought such vulnerability to the scene – it’s something we hadn’t seen in Antonio in a while. The final moments of the episode though are what left me perplexed and hoping that whatever occurs, I hope it has absolutely nothing to do with the Asher’s wife. Personally, it’s the kind of story line that I hate to see because it’s been done far too many times than not. At the end of the day, the kind of drama that being with another man’s wife would bring is boring, unwise, and irritating.

Roman is the character I keep finding myself most frustrated with. I can’t figure his motives out or whether or not he’s actually a reliable member of the unit. It wasn’t in his place to question Antonio’s personal life or act as though he’s entitled to know anything about anyone. Additionally, I can’t help but wonder if the murder case he and Burgess stumbled on is something that’ll play an even bigger role in episodes to come.

Voight’s storyline this week was an excellent prelude to next week’s. Olive, someone from Justin’s past comes in to state that she’s pregnant. It was interesting to have a character who’s not asking for much, but merely wants to inform the family because it’s the respectable thing to do. I also admired that the writers wrote her as a character who knows that she wants things out of life and she’s willing to do all that it takes to make sure the child is taken care of. Voight decides to treat her to dinner –lovely gesture if I may add– then goes into his safe and gives her some money for a head start. Next week however we learn that someone knows about the safe and threats are coming to him in horrifying ways. Again, this takes me back to the idea that someone in house cannot be trusted and I hope I’m wrong in thinking it, but what are the odds?

Jay and Erin need to go a mandatory re-qualification shooting exam and naturally, they taunt each other about their last exam. My bets and hopes are on Lindsay winning.

What’d you think of this week’s episode? What did you like most and what didn’t you like!?





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