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2014’s TV Hero and Most Noteworthy Performer

“You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem and smarter than you think.” 

Heroes don’t always wear capes and prowl the streets in an attempt to bring justice into the world, sometimes, the most heroic thing one can do is strive towards becoming the best version of themselves all while remaining a selfless, good person who owns up to their flaws and learns from their mistakes.

Killian Jones | Once Upon A Time

Killian Jones has had incomparable character growth – going from a ruthless pirate to an honorable man continuously fighting to save a town he once cared very little for, he’s set the bar extremely high for men. At the end of the day, in the real world and Once Upon A Time, people want to be chosen. Choices shape our lives in more ways than we can fully comprehend and because of the choices that were made, Killian Jones has become a male figure we presume will be admired for years to come. At the end of the day, the choices people make are what matter the most, and because of his own desires, Killian has chosen to live an honest, good life. He’s chosen to focus his priorities on things that matter most in the world – love. While he isn’t perfect and mistakes are made, Killian’s choices are selfless; they come from a wholesome place where love governs his actions more than anything. This year especially, Killian’s character faced challenges that showcased him as a wholehearted and truly changed man. Pinned against Rumplestilskin numerous times he continued to valorize the fact that man’s choices are what deem him noble more than anything. It’s a choice to be good and above all things, it is strength – it takes a great amount of courage to do the right thing, and the beautiful entity about Killian’s arc is that rewards weren’t guaranteed for him. He didn’t do the good things he did because he somehow knew it’d get him somewhere, he did it because it was the right thing to do. He did them because he knew that even if he got nothing, Emma Swan deserved everything.

The most life altering choice he made this year was giving away the only home he’s ever known in order to bring Emma Swan to hers. It takes admirable strength to give up on the things that are safe for the happiness of another person. Pirates never settle — their greatest treasures aren’t just silver and gold, but the wanderlust fulfillment they experience when traveling through the seas — immensity fuels them like nothing else in the world. Killian Jones’ first love is no longer the sea, but a woman whose heart is greater than anywhere he’s travelled before — she’s more than enough to inspire him to settle down. She’s home. Killian’s selfless desires to choose Emma’s happiness over his own are what substantiate that he’s the ultimate hero. He’s done everything in his power to make sure she’s at her happiest and that dedication along with the immaculate love within him have inspired him to not just save Emma, but all those who need to be helped in the midst of chaos (the town).

Colin O’Donoghue makes it easy to love Hook, and it’s not just the unfairly good looks. It takes a commendable actor with a great amount of skills to showcase the amount of sincerity O’Donoghue does. Viewers could not only see the amount of goodness and purity within him, but they could feel it through the performances that are meticulously thought out and executed. O’Donoghue was born to Hook but most importantly he was born to shine as an actor with immeasurable talent.

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