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This Week’s Most Exquisite TV Moment

October 5 – 11
“The Calm” |  Arrow

We weren’t exactly sure which scene to pick but there’s nothing quite like an anticipated episode filled with such depth and character growth.

Most importantly despite the way things ended, the amount of sincerity during the moments Oliver and Felicity shared are what made the scenes soexquisite. Back when I used to do full length episode reviews for the show, I feel it’s now appropriate to admit that writing about Oliver’s relationships with Felicity, Diggle, Thea, and Roy were my favorite parts. I always found it easier to analyze their scenes because there was always more that meets the eye. Additionally, in my humble opinion Felicity has always been/is the heart of Arrow. Oliver stating that because there was something special about Felicity, she was the first person he was able to see as a person is exactly what solidifies the fact that Felicity effortlessly brings out the best in him. It was a nice parallel to a few episodes back, namely, “Time of Death” where Felicity momentarily questioned herself and her physical strength. Oliver’s “you’ll always be my girl” comment was incomparable and admirable because she wasn’t ever just someone they needed around because of how smart she is.What’s most admirable about her character is the amount of heart she continuously brings to everything she does, and with that, she’s able to project such inimitable strength. How can we not adore the fact that what’s being promoted through her phenomenal character is the conception that smart is sexy, without a doubt even the sexiest“Team Arrow” wouldn’t function without the fierce quirky girl who brings a prodigious amount of soul to this show. I felt as though his acknowledgement was a formal declaration that she’s genuinely the most valued regardless of who makes their way into “Team Arrow”. At the end of the day, every woman deserves to know that because of everything that they are, they’re treasured. Thus, it was nice of Oliver to once more and much formerly acknowledge that it’s always been her – that her safety and happiness is something he values greatly.

Ultimately, despite the heartbreaking ending, what helped me choose this scene for today’s post is the amount of vulnerability that was laid bare by a man who’s yet to show that much heart and a woman who bravely opened her heart and stood up for what she knows she deserves. During their scene at the hospital, in different ways, both of them showed the other just how much they cared – how much they genuinely want this. Rickards and Amell’s shining moment was mostly in that scene because as the audience, we were able to feel that due to how deep their feelings are for one another, the relationship makes them defenseless in ways they’ve never been before. Each of their professed words came from a heartfelt place – nothing was held back. A woman who was brave enough to be herself saved a man from himself – a man who wouldn’t be nearly as admirable if it weren’t for her lively, compassionate spirit bringing light back into his life.

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