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This Week’s Most Noteworthy Performance by an Actress

May 18-25
Sophia Bush | Chicago PD

Sophia Bush has an exceptional way of delivering emotional scenes with the utmost form of authenticity. There’s never a time where her performance doesn’t feel raw, and while she’s been incredible as Erin Lindsay since Chicago PD has aired, she stole the spotlight numerous times in “A Beautiful Friendship” through her heartfelt deliveries.

Bush isn’t afraid of bringing vulnerability to the characters she plays, and it’s done in a distinct way that perpetually leaves viewers inspired. It allows the audience to see that vulnerability is welcomed; no one can be strong without falling from time to time. True strength is endurance, in order to be strong, people must allow themselves to feel everything – even the things that may force them to fall. When Lindsay tells Voight the truth about what’s going on with Charlie, you could see the presence of not only fear, but the underlying strength that is weaving itself onto Bush’s expressions to illuminate that though whatever’s occurring at the moment is intense, Lindsay’s willing to do whatever it takes to make it right. Concise moments like this are precisely where an actress needs to bring everything she’s got, and Bush does it with such profound understanding of her characters that it reflects itself onto the screen masterfully.

She’s notable especially in the scene mentioned above, but it’s not the only moment her phenomenal abilities glisten through. During the entire episode where her character is present the audience could undoubtedly see the inner strength within her – not only for putting up a brave face, but for enduring every emotion that’s haunting her. As stated above, true strength is bearing it all; it’s not fearlessness, but the courage to be earnest about what one’s going – even if it’s merely through poignant facial expressions.

Essentially, Sophia Bush is no stranger to bringing heart to her characters, and this is not only Erin Lindsay’s best episode yet, but one of Bush’s as well. If a woman could fight for her city and loved ones while dealing with distressing personal complications, then she’s not only a brave being, but an outstanding detective as well. Bush noteworthy abilities are excellently seen all the way through the episodes, and since the first season ended in an amazing finale, we’re thrilled to see what’s in store for season two.

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