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This Week’s Most Noteworthy Performance by an Actress

April 4-10
Rebecca Mader | Once Upon A Time

It seems as though it was only yesterday that Rebecca Mader was announced as The Wicked Witch of the West and while we knew she was capable of greatness, she marvelously blew us away as Zelena’s time came to end. In “Kansas” she played every emotion that’s ever driven Zelena spectacularly as she made the audience feel the duality of the forces that reside within her.

In flashbacks, Mader made sure that the audience could truly understand just how conflicted Zelena is. It wasn’t because she didn’t want to be good, it’s that she was afraid of it being taken away from her thus forcing her wicked ways. You could see the governing fear in Mader’s expression as Zelena fought within herself to choose. Even in her most evil form, Mader made us feel the underlying vulnerability within Zelena; she allowed us to understand the complex character even more than we would’ve.

Ultimately, Rebecca Mader was wickedly remarkable as Zelena – in both her slightly good and completely evil forms. She challenged herself throughout the series and fantastically spoke with her expressions even more than her words in order to inflict whatever emotion was burning up within her to the other characters, and the audience as well. We’re sad to see her time come to end but certainly excited for what’s in store in the future.

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