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This Week’s Most Noteworthy Performance by an Actress

April 27 – May 3
Marina Squerciati | Chicago PD

In a week filled with impeccable performances difficult to choose from, we felt Marina Squerciati’s portrayal of Kim Burgess in “8:30 PM” was most noteworthy. Burgess is a fun spirit and no matter how many times Platt tries to bring her down she rises and in this week’s episode especially that inner strength was shining masterfully while her niece’s life was on the line. She simultaneously broke down and tried to keep a hopeful stance. It wasn’t just about the vulnerability, it was about the kindness Squerciati wore on her expressions.

We especially loved the part when she spoke with Voight because you could see her joyful realization that everyone on the team truly cares for – it was a subtle moment but it definitely spoke loud. She cried, we cried. She tried to smile, we smiled. She was finally at ease and crying tears of joy, we cried tears of joy with her. As we always like to emphasize, it’s not just about showing the audience how a character feels, it’s about making them understand and feel the emotions as well. It’s about making sure the line deliveries, facial expressions, and body language are organic – and that’s exactly what Squerciati did this week.

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