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This Week’s Most Noteworthy Performance by an Actress

March 23-29:
Gina Torres (Suits)

This was undoubtedly the most difficult to choose as each of Suits’ leading ladies did marvelously in this week’s episode. However, in a particular scene Gina Torres’ performance was so masterfully done, it allowed viewers to see Jessica Pearson in a completely new light.

The sincerity in her expression as she uttered the words “you’re family” to Louis while evidently holding back tears beautifully displayed her heart and immense care for the man who’s irreplaceable to her firm. It wasn’t about higher rank, but rather equality, and the way in which her voice subtly and momentarily broke was extremely telling; therefore, as viewers, we could feel the genuine, unwavering love through her hard exterior.

Torres is always exceptional as the firm’s motherly figure and all around phenomenal boss, but it’s these moments where she wears her heart on her sleeve that are even more gorgeously portrayed than her usual greatness.

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