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This Week’s Most Noteworthy Performance by an Actress

September 28-October 4
Elizabeth Lail | Once Upon A Time
“A Tale of Two Sisters”

Disney’s feature film Frozen quickly became a world wide phenomena and if you ask me, I’d say that despite the beautiful familial relationships and uplifting messages, the fact that the characters’ complexities are so incredibly relatable played a vast role in its success.

Princess Anna and the childlike wonder she carries with her along the sprightly, compassionate spirit are imaginably difficult to mimic as they’re what make her one of the most unique princesses we’ve seen in a while. That said, Elizabeth Lail is the perfect choice for Once Upon A Time’s Anna, and though an episode is normally too soon to tell, what Lail’s manifested so far was nothing short of amazing. From the moment she enthusiastically spoke in regards to what the surprise Elsa had could possibly be to the silent exhibition of both bravery and uncertainty as she was on her way to Mist Haven (The Enchanted Forest), with the full range of emotions Lail brought Anna to life, it’s almost difficult to believe she isn’t the character herself. Apart from the incredible entertainment Lail brought to Once Upon A Time as the awkward but always persistent and loving Anna, it’s the way she made audiences feel. We’ve always believed that it’s not just about the way an actor/actress presents themselves, but it’s whether or not they can evoke within the viewers, the same thing their characters are attempting to do on screen. And Lail did just that wonderfully. As viewers, we could not only feel the unwavering love she has for her sister, but even for those who aren’t familiar with Frozen, Lail performed each of her scenes with such heart that allowed the audience to understand the depths of her generous nature effortlessly. An example of a noteworthy scene is when Anna finally finds Elsa sitting alone at the rocks. Although she walked into the area in her wedding dress in the most Anna-esque way while once more authenticating the immense love for her older sister, the meticulously quick changes in her expressions and tone of voice from the lack of knowledge in regards to the truth about their parents, were delivered with the right amount of emotions that still conveyed the hope within her. The specific choices that are made in bringing Anna to life (both the accuracy from the animated film to the uniqueness of Once Upon A Time’s arc), Lail’s performance is undoubtedly something that we’ll continue to commend and look forward to watching as Anna’s story unfolds.

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