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This Week’s Most Noteworthy Performance by an Actress

“Home”  | Graceland
Vanessa Ferlito

The final scene in this week’s episode of Graceland is one I have been waiting for since the end of season one. Often times while watching Briggs and Charlie adorably do their thing as a couple, I’d cringe at the idea of what’s to come because of the ugly truth regarding Briggs’ past.

However, I did not expect to be as floored with Vanessa Ferlito’s performance as much as I was. In the past we’ve seen her channel numerous emotions from a loving mother-like figure to a livid concerned girlfriend to a badass agent in disguise. But, her emotional state while confronting Briggs is something I had actually imagined much differently. And that’s precisely why Ferlito’s performance lands her in the most noteworthy category this week. Charlie is truly in love with Briggs, she’s wholeheartedly thrilled to be the carrying his child, and they are in every way a couple who care deeply for one another. Fundamentally, the profound feelings are the reason behind her collected breakdown – she doesn’t immediately tell him because she cares and understands enough to give him the chances to. It’s only natural for someone in her state to feel something much deeper than anger, thus Ferlito’s expressions scream the most perplexed form of heartache when she reveals she’s in possession of the tape. The issue at hand here is that Charlie cannot process the idea of why Briggs would lie to her, it arrises the questions of “does he love me enough?”“is this all based on a lie?” Ferlito mastered each of these emotions with a brilliant stamina that made viewers truly feel the heartbreak Charlie’s facing. Ferlito’s performance reminded viewers of how hard Charlie tries to keep grounded, composed, and reasonable. She’s the heart of Graceland and this scene authenticated that.

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