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This Week’s Most Noteworthy Performance by an Actor

May 18-25
Jesse Lee Soffer | Chicago PD

Genuineness doesn’t always feel authentic on screen, but Jesse Lee Soffer has been bringing the utmost form of it since Chicago PD has aired. If there’s one thing we always look for, it’s the brief instances where an actor’s expressions tell a more prodigious story than his words. And with more than one of these moments in such a heavy finale, Soffer’s commendable abilities bare it all for the audience.

In order for a scene to feel believable, an actor’s eyes must not only be in sync with the lines they’re delivering, but in Halstead’s case, do the talking for him as well. And you know a look is is profoundly telling when it’s pointed out within the show itself. Soffer makes certain the audience could see the instant shift in his expressions with every situation. At the end of the day, Halstead’s an honest detective, but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t do whatever it takes to protect those he cares for. And in “A Beautiful Friendship” especially, both Halstead and Lindsay give new meaning to their infamous “that’s why you have backup” line. We loved seeing Halstead drive, and strictly because of the way the scene was executed. Halstead immediately takes control, not because he feels Lindsay can’t, but it is to illuminate the idea that he’s got her back, that he’s letting her cope with whatever she’s dealing with in a different way this time. Their scenes as partners tend to come across most believable because of the fortnight appreciation for one another as detectives and individuals.

Ultimately, whether fueled with anger, sarcasm, appreciation, concern, and so on Soffer delivers all of Halstead’s lines with the right amount of emotions that substantiate his innermost passions exceptionally. He brings a sense of warmth to his character with the noticeable acting choices that depict Halstead’s conscious efforts to be honorable – the perceptiveness and absolute care present within him is entirely reflected through the impeccable way Soffer’s mastered to project sincerity with his facial expressions.

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