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This Week’s Most Noteworthy Performance by an Actor

May 11-17
Colin O’Donoghue | Once Upon A Time

In the two hour season finale, we were once again impressed to a point of speechlessness because of Colin O’Donoghue’s masterful portrayal.

O’Donoghue’s portrayal of the dashing Captain is just as superlative as Johnny Depp’s infamous exposé of Jack Sparrow. He plays the drunken state phenomenally and makes sure viewers could see the evident difference between who he used to be, and who he is now. Providing the audience with greatly enriching comedic relief while telling an even bigger story is something noteworthy indeed.

We’ve seen him go from the wide-eyed noble lieutenant, to a pirate fueled with rage, a careless man driven by alcohol, a vengeful villain, and finally to a man of honor who’s sustained with love and attempting to grow as a human being every single day. The character development that has been written for Killian “Captain Hook” Jones has been splendrous, and Colin O’Donoghue’s depiction of each version allows the audience to not only grow to love, but understand the profound layers that make him exactly who he is.

While there are far too many incredible scenes to discuss, O’Donoghue is at his absolute best during the scenes Killian makes sure Emma knows she isn’t alone.

For example, the benevolently sincere expression O’Donoghue wears on face not only exhibits the utmost joy Killian feels because he’s dancing with Emma, but he manifests the timeless love that now captivates his spirit. It’s often difficult to display such joy in a subtle yet evocative manner, but O’Donoghue nailed it in the moment.

When everyone leaves to celebrate Snow’s revival, Killian doesn’t fail to make sure Emma knows she’s not alone. O’Donoghue executes that moment with the right amount of felicitation for Emma’s endurance, and the gentle way in which he brushes her tears away signifies the immense love and desire to offer her strength when she needs it most. Everyone has their person and this is Killian’s way of showing her that he’s hers — that she’ll never have to deal with anything on her own. What O’Donoghue does best is makes sure the audience sees the changes in his character. And while his one-liners are sheer gold, it’s the moments in which his heart is laid bare that he’s at his most brilliant. It’s the little moments in which his reaction tells a beautifully compelling story – such as the moment Emma utters his real name. Even though she’s said it before, he senses the difference in it this time, and it’s almost as if he finally realizes she sees him as more than a one handed pirate. This is the moment she sees Killian Jones, the man of honor, and O’Donoghue makes sure the audience can see the instant it all dawns on him.

Killian’s a character governed by love and faithfulness above all things. His complex persona can easily be misinterpreted, but it’s ultimately O’Donoghue’s astounding abilities as an actor which authenticate just how noble Killian truly is. At the end of the day, he has had one of the most delightful character growths in Once Upon A Time history, as he’s faced human emotions and handled them phenomenally through a wide range of emotions. While some of the things he’s done are inexcusable, he makes sure to prove that he’s worthy of not only being called a hero by the town’s savior, but by being someone who’s deserving of her love in return. He’s crossed realms for Emma Swan, saved her father’s life, helped her see the impeccable abilities within her, followed her wherever she’s gone in hopes of being her backbone, and chosen her over everything – if Killian Jones isn’t the ideal man, then who don’t know who is. At the end of the day, everyone makes mistakes, but the most important part of his character growth is that the moment he realizes he wants to be worthy of her love, he does everything in his ability to grow as a better man. Through Colin O’Donoghue’s performances we’ve seen the outstanding character growth as he’s projected the utmost form of sincerity through the heartfelt expressions on his face and passion in his voice.

And he too is not only the noteworthy actor of the week, but of the season.  We’re excited to watch him take on Killian next season as well because there’s no doubt in our mind that O’Donoghue will provide viewers with greatness.

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