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This Week’s Most Noteworthy Performance by an Actor

April 4-10
Brett Dalton | Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Brett Dalton’s performances week after week have been leaving us speechless, and while he’s been excellent in the last few episodes, his performance in “Ragtag” is what left us in awe most.

Since it’s been revealed that Ward’s a part of Hydra, Dalton’s played the compelling character remarkably. Now that we’ve gotten a glimpse into Ward’s traumatic past, viewers are able to see the numerous emotions that run through him and that’s entirely due to Dalton’s performance. When in Garrett’s presence, he plays him with a distanced, heartless stance that comes off incredibly aggressive. And in the presence of the agents he didn’t expect to actually care for, he plays him with conflicted and torn emotions. We’ve always emphasized that the most important thing an actor can do is tell an even bigger story through his eyes than what’s being verbally said – Dalton mastered this phenomenally in “Ragtag” as he made us feel the compelling sides of Grant Ward.

Dalton’s portrayal of Ward’s innermost struggles allows the viewers to grasp the ramifications of the emotional abuse Garrett’s form of training has had on him thus, while his behavior is inexcusable we’re able to see where it comes from. When he decides to let FitzSimmons go, he shows the viewers just how internally distraught Ward is about what he’s doing. Dalton’s depiction of the scenes allow viewers to see that while he’s currently ruthless, he himself isn’t proud of his actions or who he’s become – the emotions that have been turned off essentially make their way onto the expression on his eyes.

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