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This Week’s Most Noteworthy Performance by an Actor

April 20-26
Robert Carlyle | Once Upon A Time

Robert Carlyle’s no stranger to our list, and his ability to play Rumplestilskin fighting to defeat Zelena’s possession was masterful.

Carlyle played Rumple’s torment most exceptionally in instances when he had to harm Roland in order to get Regina’s heart, and when he fought the temptation to reunite with Bae again. He stated not wanting to hurt anyone, and the expression he wore on his face complimented his words magnificently. Viewers could see Rumple’s genuine pain of not being able to control himself but even when he could, the internal struggle he evidently felt was mirrored on his expression astoundingly. Additionally, when Zelena brought up Bae, Carlyle portrayed Rumple’s guilt and longing phenomenally – viewers were exposed to both his profound desire to see his son again along with his understanding of Bae’s bravery. Carlyle’s distinct choices made the audience believe that Rumple wouldn’t give up fighting for his agency and making sure Zelena pays for what she’s done.

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