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This Week’s Most Noteworthy Performance by an Actor

April 13-19
Colin O’Donoghue | Once Upon A Time

Colin O’Donoghue is no stranger on our list of noteworthy performances, but inThe Jolly Roger he exceeded expectations masterfully. One of the most vital things an actor can do is make the audience feel the character’s emotions naturally. O’Donoghue was effortlessly bold and charismatic as Captain Hook, but when Killian Jones was swearing on his love’s name, the heart wrenching performance felt exceptionally organic. In scenes as revealing as this it’s necessary to defend words with actions – O’Donoghue sold Killian’s authentic and interminable love for Emma Swan with such heart in his eyes followed by immense sincerity in his voice. And that’s just it for us, it’s these beautifully moving scenes where an actor uses all of his abilities to illuminate the scene’s purpose. The deep remorse could be seen through the absence of joy in his eyes. Additionally, from the way his voice broke as he held back tears, you could not only see the emptiness within him because of what he’d done and what he’d lost throughout the years, but you could feel just how overpowering his love for Emma Swan is – as she’s what grounds his heart by inspiring him to choose honor above all things.

O’Donoghue’s portrayal gave this scene its beauty – as an audience we could fathom just how torn Killian Jones was, but also how deep his capacity to love runs. And while the scene elucidated his love for Emma Swan once more, it correspondingly brought to life the vast care he has for those he’s grown to know through meeting her.

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