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This Week’s Most Noteworthy Performance by an Actor

March 23-29:
Josh Dallas | Once Upon A Time

It’s no surprise that Josh Dallas has set the bar for future portrayals of Prince Charming massively high, but in this week’s episode he brought to life vulnerability and courage most beautifully.

Whether he was fighting himself while poisoned, trying to help Rapunzel face her fears, slow dancing with his daughter, or having a heart to heart with his wife, Dallas, as always brought such estimable warmth to Charming’s character.

When it comes to Charming, any time he’s broken about something, as an audience so are we; however, there’s never a time where we aren’t filled with the utmost hope that he’ll succeed in whatever task is in front of him as that’s the kind of bravery that’s perpetually present with his character. Moral of the story, through gentle gestures and loving expressions, Josh Dallas plays Charming most exquisitely, and allows to audience to feel the same sense of comfort Storybrooke civilians feel because of his noble choices to protect and inspire.

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