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This Week’s Most Noteworthy Performance: Jesse Lee Soffer

September 28-October 4
Get My Cigarettes”  | Chicago P.D.
Jesse Lee Soffer

This isn’t the first time Jesse Lee Soffer’s floored us with his performance in the now two year old crime drama, and we’re certain it won’t be last. In an episode packed with incredible performances, this week’s choice wasn’t an easy one to make, but Jay’s scene with Nate Hanson in the hospital made our choice easy.

What makes moments such as this evocative and most importantly, believable is the way Soffer sold fear. The right amount of despair and poise the scene was delivered with made the occurrence feel real – viewers were on the edge of their seat because the fear Soffer conveyed in Halstead’s eyes were more daunting than the plight of being held at gunpoint.  And not to mention the scene served as an eloquent reminder to viewers of Jay’s pivotal story in season one. He’s no stranger to wanting revenge and though some of which what was said was solely meant to get Nate to put the gun down, Soffer’s portrayal made for a scene that showcased Jay, the man behind the uniform. For a brief instant, we were exposed to a man who’s seen enough in his life to both damage and fuel him. Ultimately, we saw a man who’s strong because he’s been weak – a man who’s most certainly not invincible. Soffer plays Halstead with a full range of emotions – a necessity in making certain the depths of his character’s sentiments, though subtly exhibited, still manifest onto the screen powerfully.

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