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This Week’s Most Noteworthy Performance by an Actor

July 20-26
The Unlucky One” | Graceland
Aaron Tveit

Mike’s character isn’t exactly the favorite lately, with the bus case continuously running wild in his mind, his subtle moments of ignorance to the rest of the world leave viewers missing the ‘old him’. However, while I too miss the man who’d say things like ‘marijuana farmer’, this Mike is the kind that exhibits Aaron Tveit’s abilities as an actor. Mike’s words weren’t exactly the most comforting, and had they been, things would’ve gone a lot smoother with Paige – but despite them, his facial expressions told a different story.

From the moment news about Paige’s whereabouts was released, Mike’s state of mind instantly became evident. Conscious choices in Tveit’s performance are what brought the caring man behind the conflicted and hasty agent to life. Mike’s more conflicted than not this season, there are instances where he’s taking things to the extreme (i.e.: scene with Lawrence) and the next he’s in tears tormented with guilt. The wide range of emotions are what essentially humanize Mike in times when it seems he’s completely lost sight of who he is.

My heart broke for him as he fell apart upon seeing the photograph and later in a much subtler moment where Paige was hit in his presence and you could pinpoint the instant he shattered because he was unable to do anything about it. I feel as though Paige without a doubt brings out the best of him in this jumbled state he’s in, and while he’s wrapped up heavily around this case, you could still see his entire heart plastered on his face like a work of art when he’s with her. And that’s precisely what makes him lovable right now. It was there final scene that in the car which revealed that he truly does care about the bigger picture and saving everyone. It’s no longer about him wanting to be on top, but in that moment he reminded the audience –and himself– of the man who simply wanted to do good for mankind. Again, the heartfelt desire to keep his promise to Paige is what manifests both his authentic care and the fact that she effortlessly brings out the best in him despite it not being rainbows and butterflies at the moment. Tveit plays Mike’s internal conflicts tremendously well, and his true character is most often revealed through his expressions.

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