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This Week’s Most Exquisite TV Moment

March 16-21: “Witch Hunt” Once Upon A Time

When was the last time a child completely stole the scene from a group of superlative actors? Sure Regina was planning how to get into the castle, but Roland wobbling in the background was essentially the most adorable thing to grace our television screens. It’s always mind blowing how a tiny human could be such an adorable actor; therefore, Roland and his cape need to make appearances more often. Overall, what the scene beautifully exemplified was that Regina would instantly do anything in her power to protect a child, thus turning the flying monkey into a toy was an incredibly sweet gesture. It not only demonstrated that the evil queen most certainly has a soft spot for children, but it allowed Robin to see that she’s not as he’s heard. It was the push for something that could turn into an epic storyline because both instances are rooted from selflessness (Robin saving Regina – Regina saving Roland).

Additionally, just as the monkey was making its way, it was exceptional to watch Charming and Snow draw their weapons in an act of protecting their loved ones; though a brief moment, it demonstrated teamwork, love, and family wonderfully. When it comes down to it, these people will do anything to nobly protect their home and friends because it’s who they are. And every so often we get these darling scenes to remind us that there are still good things occurring amongst all the chaos.

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