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This Week’s Most Exquisite TV Moment

June 8-14
“Things Which Have Never Yet Been Done” | Orphan Black

This week’s category wasn’t an easy choice, but after careful consideration, even though it was brief, it’s really the one scene on that made us smile most. Sarah, Alison, and Cosima have come so far and the only thing season two has been lacking has been more sister time.

However, we finally got a glimpse of the three of them together and though it was through a Skype call, it was filled with a tremendous amount of heart. You could feel just how much the girls have grown to care for one another, how much they need each other, and how their lives have been effortlessly changed since the moment they’ve found each other. Our hopes for the season finale, other than Cosima’s full recovery, is a scene where these three are reunited in person. Additionally, we want Kira meets the wonderful aunts she already loves in person, and we have no doubt in our minds that if it occurs, it’ll make for an unexplainably gorgeous scene considering what she’s selflessly and bravely chosen to do for Cosima’s health.

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