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This Week’s Most Exquisite TV Moment

April 4-10
“Kansas” | Once Upon A Time

Television series this week were filled with stunning proposals and exquisite scenes, but nothing tops our charts as the final moment between the Charming family in “Kansas”. Our hearts could not be more thrilled with the fact that they got their baby back and that for a moment the villains on the show couldn’t win.

When the baby is finally rescued and Emma asks if he is okay, Charming’s response goes down in history as one of the sweetest, most beautiful statements ever made on this show: “he can handle anything, just like his big sister.” There’s no denying that the Charming children are special beyond words, and we felt Charming’s acknowledgement of what resilient treasures their children are was simply immaculate. Therefore, when Charming walks in with their newborn and Snow sees that history hasn’t repeated itself, Goodwin’s expression was beautifully moving — there aren’t enough words to describe the exquisiteness of the fact that they’re finally given a moment to live their lives happily. And, perhaps it’s because Goodwin is pregnant herself, and her real life prince brought in a child in their role, but there was a motherly irreplaceable light on her expression – a sense of warmth that was delivered magically on screen. Their utmost happiness while holding their new born baby boy in the presence of their daughter and grandchild made for an indescribable scene.

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