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This Week’s Most Exquisite TV Moment

April 27 – May 3
Chicago PD + Fire Crossover

Television series this week were filled with remarkable scenes, but after Chicago PD’s episode on Wednesday, we were certain nothing could top our choice. This has been the most emotionally powerful episode since the show’s premiered and it’s entirely due to the realistic occurrences that reminded viewers of 2013’s Boston Marathon bombings. The episode was able to bring the real, tragic horrors of a charity being interrupted by an obscene act to life exquisitely. And while all the scenes were exceptional, there was something indescribably moving about one little girl unknowingly saving another’s life – the water works came streaming before the darling girls were headed to the hospital as they held hands in order to feel the pain together.  Burgess’ niece was in desperate need of a liver and the family was brave enough to put their child off life-support –she had no brain activity– in order to save another life and have something good come from the tragic attacks. What made this scene most exquisite for our books is the humanity that was shown in the midst of such terror – it crystallized the idea that one life can save another, one act of kindness could perpetually alter a life and invoke hope into the hearts of the world. When that little girl grows up, she’ll know about the beautifully selfless decision that was made to save her life and we have a good feeling it’ll make her believe that the world is in fact an amazing place despite the horrifying occurrences.

Essentially, we’d like to commend the marvelous cast and crew for the brilliant work they’ve done to bring the phenomenal script to life. As viewers we’re incredibly proud of both Chicago Fire and PD for illuminating such profound messages of keeping hope and fighting for the greater good masterfully.

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