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This Week’s Most Exquisite TV Moment

April 13-19
The Jolly Roger” | Once Upon A Time

The familial moments on Once Upon A Time have always been a particular favorite of ours and especially the ones that feature almost everybody – someday Killian Jones, Robin Hood, and the adorable little Roland will join these dinners, too. That’d certainly be ideal in our books. However, even in the silence, the diner scene felt incredibly raw and comfortable. It almost felt as though Josh Dallas, Ginnifer Goodwin, Jennifer Morrison, Lana Parrilla, and Jared Gilmore were having dinner together and it was simply being filmed.

Ultimately, it’s what the scene served to represent – forgiveness, family, teamwork, and love. These brief instances in the midst of such heavy episodes are what remind viewers of the show’s purpose, of how valuable the little moments we normally overlook are. And it’s entirely telling that a while ago these people wouldn’t be caught dead together, but they’re now acting as the family they were always meant to be and it’s beautiful. Even though Regina enjoys referring to the Charmings as “the two idiots” or “the un-charmings” deep down, she not only cares for them immensely, but she knows that they’re family – as do they.

We cannot wait for more of these scenes as the characters grow to find home and comfort with each other.

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