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This Week’s Most Exquisite TV Moment

March 30 – April 5:
“Quiet Minds” | Once Upon A Time

As far as first meetings in Storybrooke go, Robin and Regina’s was exquisite, plus, Sean Maguire’s and Lana Parrilla’s chemistry was more electric than ever. They delivered these scenes with such charisma that the raw passion already present within Robin and Regina was impressively great to watch. Parrilla was graceful and darling while describing whiskey, she perfectly portrayed just how much Regina was enjoying the playful banter, and as Robin said, her lighthearted audacious side is anything but evil.

Regina expresses feeling as though they have met before and Robin’s reply is that he’d never forget such a thing unless it occurred in the year they remember nothing from. Smooth, Robin, real smooth. It’s possible that Regina feels as though she knows him because since they have been established as soul mates through pixie dust, she feels a much deeper connection to him. This could be why she’s able to be herself so freely around him, and not to mention, when true love couples are separated through a curse with no memories of one another, they’re always drawn to each other as though bound by a magnetic and irreplaceable force. It’s happened with Snow and Charming in season 1, Rumple and Belle while she was Lacey, and even Hook and Emma.

In an episode centered around darkness, terrifying occurrences, and a tragic death, their scene stood out beautifully and brought something phenomenal to the episode.

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