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This Week’s Most Exquisite TV Moment

March 23-29: “The Tower” Once Upon A Time

Whether platonic or romantic, the relationships on Once Upon A Time are some of the most beautiful to have ever graced our televisions. That being said, there’s something remarkably uplifting and heartwarming about Charming and Emma’s bond as father and daughter. Even with the limited time they’ve had to get to know one another, there’s always been a precious understanding between them. In the moments they share together, the comfort both parties are feeling by being in the others presence can be felt by the audience as well. It’s necessary to comment on Josh Dallas’ and Jennifer Morrison’s off screen friendship and masterful acting abilities as they’re certainly factors that contribute to their impeccable scenes as father and daughter.

Not only was the scene visually breathtaking, but it gave the nursery a whole new level of beauty and horror. The amount of pain Charming must have felt letting go of Emma the first time isn’t even imaginable, and to lose her a second time surely damages him even further. However, the most heartbreaking part of this scene is the mere fact that Charming sees himself experiencing this irreplaceable moment in a room that pains him the most. Though circumstances forced them to part ways with their daughter, once they were reunited, the fear of not being good enough continuously haunted him. The scene serves as a beautifully commendable visual representation of his desires and the actual, bleak reality of the situation.

When Emma appeared behind him in the immaculately gorgeous custom made gown, we couldn’t help but both marvel at Jennifer Morrison’s grace and beauty and choke up from the fact that this is something Charming’s always longed to see. Excuse us while we patiently wait for Emma’s wedding day, whenever that may be, in order to watch her be as happy as she was during the first part of the dream. There’s something irreplaceably exquisite about a father-daughter dance, and while dreams feel real when we’re in them, we’re holding on to the hope that this is one of those that becomes a reality as both parties will undoubtedly treasure it forever. Additionally, the stunning cinematography and wonderful dance number to Mark Isham’s superlative musical piece contributed to making the scene gorgeously noteworthy.

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