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Scandal 4×02 “The State of the Union” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Wow. If you thought the first episode was too much, then you’re definitely in for a treat! Scandal is just heating up and only going to get better with each episode.

This particular one concerned Mellie’s well-being and how she’s been in mourning since her son passed. She’s becoming our favorite character yet! We thought Liv was our fav, but Mellie’s slowly taking her spot. The fact that she’s the First Lady and is dressed the way she is – Uggs and sweats – just makes us love her more.

Anyways, on to what actually happens in this episode! Turns out Jake is into “booty calls” apparently. He’s rented out a hotel room and tells Liv that if she wants to see him that she can but it’ll have to be in a booty call form. Obviously we know Liv by now and we know that no one, we mean NO ONE, controls her. She makes that very clear to Jake, but towards the end of the episode gives in to his “booty call.”

Before the actual booty call though, Cyrus and Liv meet and he basically tells her that he’s going to blackmail her if she doesn’t comply to working for the White House again. What? Apparently craving meat brings the worst out of him. Uh okay, not sure what that has to do with anything but we’ll roll with it! When Liv tells him that she’s not afraid of the IRS he brings out the big guns and says that he’ll tell Fitz how she’s been asking about him and whatnot. Basically, lie to the President.

Olivia’s mission involves getting America’s sweethearts, the Elliots, to the State of the Union address on gun control. One is a POW who was held captive by the Taliban for two years, and the other is a heroic wheel chaired school teacher who saved kids during a shooting. They’re the “poster” couple for the gun control bill. There’s only one problem though – they hate each other. “The Taliban is better than you,” the husband kept repeating to the wife. And what was the cherry on top? Quinn and Huck babysitting them. Ironic or coincidence? But you know Olivia and how she works. She persuades the couple if they get a divorce she will spin it in such a way where their image will still mean something to the public eye.

Fast forward to Fitz talking about the issue at hand. Is this guy really a Republican? Before delivering the speech, Lizzie mentions something about being republican and not having to be for this particular issue. But that doesn’t stop the President from addressing it.

Forget about all that’s been happening so far in the ep, the best part was right towards the ending of it when we see Cyrus in a very vulnerable stage. He basically let’s himself go and makes out with some mysterious guy. “I haven’t done this in a very long time,” he reveals. “You could never tell” the mystery guy says before revealing he’s actually a sex worker! Cyrus becomes a bit embarrassed and puts the brakes, but the mystery guy continues by unzipping his pants and basically standing there naked. Best part of this all was when at the end the guy goes and reports to none other than LIZZIE!

We can’t wait to see what next week’s episode holds. Stay tuned folks!

– Tanya Nazarian





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