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Scandal 4×01 “Randy, Red, Superfreak, and Julia” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Gladiators unite! Our favorite girl is back in full force! Fresh off her getaway, Olivia returns to Washington where some things have changed.

The episode starts off with Olivia – we mean Julia Baker – finding out that Harrison has been found but is dead. She jets back to DC where she begins to plan the funeral for her dear friend. However, she realizes that her team is no longer her team.

Huck is no longer Huck, he’s Randy now working at a what seems like a Genius Bar type of job. Abby is the press secretary to the President (no big deal). David is going to be the Attorney General. Papa Pope is a lying murder. Fitz is well, Fitz. Mellie, – whom might I add is slowly become my fav character ever! – has checked out of everything and is just seen in her pjs, robe and UGGS! UGGS!! Oh and Quinn seems to be the only one who is somewhat still on Liv’s side.

Not going to lie, everyone was a bit stunned to see Liv back. The best was when Cyrus tells Fitz and he kinda just leans back and sits on his desk. Later on, Fitz and Liv walk past each other and nearly touch each other’s fingers but miss.

It didn’t take long for Liv to get back to what she does best – fixing people’s problems. Turns out the lady senator didn’t kill the guy senator. It was actually her assistant who killed him because she was sexually assaulted by him.

Guest star, Portia De Rossi, is the new head of RNC whom Cyrus refers to as “Lizzie Bear.” Cute, right?

But the episode was really about Jake-oh-so-sexy-Ballard. Did you guys see that scruff? My gawd! Who needs DC when you got Jake on a beach, shirtless might we add.

The quote of the night that just made everything was when Liv quoted Harrison saying “Are we Gladiators or are we bitches?” which is what made her decide to stay in DC (obviously) and break out the white hat and clothes once again.

Here we go again with having to wait another week until the next episode. *sigh*

– Tanya Nazarian





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