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Scandal 3×18 “The Price of Free and Fair Elections” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

First of all WTF just happened on Scandal?!?! Talk about did NOT see that coming!

I think we can all agree that Maya Pope aka Momma Pope is out for blood. Clearly she has no heart or else she wouldn’t have done what she did or did she?

The episode opens with the funeral of Senator Hightower and Fitz practicing his eulogy in the Oval Office. While Cyrus struggles to do the right thing and tell Fitz about the bomb that’s about to blow at the funeral, Jake swoops right in and tells him himself. Sally and Andrew are safe though others did get caught in the blast.

Back at the hospital, Olivia sees the news of the bombing while she waits for an update on her father’s condition and somehow teleports herself to the White House. She tells Fitz to address the nation and Leo tells Sally to “go be Jesus” and help the wounded.

Olivia heads back to the hospital and is happy to hear her father will be just fine. Good news, right? She tells him that Fitz is going to lose the election and he repeats that he wishes he could do something to help because even though he doesn’t like him, he loves her.

Harrison and Adnan share a moment while she is pointing a gun at him. He tells her that he won’t reveal the dirt he has on her. He goes and meets up with Abby back at OPA and the duo catch Quinn and Huck getting it on as if nothing had just happened there. Um, I don’t know, maybe the stabbing of Olivia’s father?!?!

Olivia finally tells Fitz about Mellie’s rape. Fitz, at first, thinks she’s lying but when he sees the look on Olivia’s face he knows it’s true. He goes to her and she immediately knows that he knows. She explains that she tried to fight him off but was unable to.

Maya Pope sneaks her way into Papa Pope’s room and Olivia happens to drop by at the same time. She says that she’s giving her “the chance to be free and happy.” As she’s saying this, Fitz is giving a speech and Jerry slowly collapses. Queue the goosebumps!

The first family rushes to the hospital and to their surprise, Jerry dies. No joke, this was the jaw-dropper of the episode. Writing about it right now still gives me the chill. We think that Maya is the culprit but as the episode progresses, we find out thanks to Harrison’s sneaky ways, that it was actually…are you ready? Rowland! After all that he’s been through with Olivia, he pulls this? Definitely a sick man.

He reassures the President that Maya has been killed but she’s actually in the hole he had put Jake in. He’s back as command as Olivia and Jake run away together. His plan finally worked. But hold on. What happened to Harrison? Is he alive? Last we saw was him about to get shot. Will the Pres be able to cope with the death and being President again? And what about Quinn? What is she going to do now that Charlie left her and Huck seems to be back with his estranged wife and child?

Guess we’ll have to stay tuned until next season to find out! Oh the wait is going to kill us too.

– Tanya Nazarian





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