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Scandal 3×17 “Flesh and Blood” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

OK Gladiators, the big award from this week’s episode – titled “Flesh and Blood” – goes to…MELLIE! She drunkenly let it slip to Liv that she had been hiding a soul-crushing secret for the past get this FIFTEEN YEARS! So of course Liv got Mellie her results of her paternity test. As of right now though, only Mells knows the truth as to who Jerry’s father really is.

Meanwhile, Mama Pope raised hell and injured Papa Pope when she tricked the team that the bomb was actually at Defiance High School where Fitz happened to be giving a speech. However, the bomb was secretly hid underneath a church were plenty of D.C.’s most important names were attending a funeral. Creepy much?

Jake calls Cy to tell him about the bomb’s whereabouts and to get everyone to safety, but instead of delivering that news, Cy gladly delayed the pres from attending the funeral and did not make any effort to stop Sally from taking a seat in the front.

Oh side note — Huck and Quinn had sex in a parking garage.

Yeah. We’ll leave you with that. What do you guys think of this week’s episode?

– Tanya Nazarian





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