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Scandal 3×16 “The Fluffer” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

If you thought last week was OMG this week was even more! I can’t tell you how many times my jaw-dropped while watching.

The episode titled “The Fluffer,” opens up with someone walking down the halls of the White House with Cyrus. We soon see who the mystery woman is and it’s Abby! She tells the team that Liv sent her as her proxy today because she was other business to take care of. And of course, everyone gets her name wrong and calls her Gabby throughout the episode. Cyrus tries to call Liv but Abby tells her she won’t pick up unless the WH is on fire.

So where is Miss Olivia Pope? With her father of course. She tells him that if they team up he has to promise her that he won’t “touch a hair” on Fitz’s head. He agrees. He gives up his intel on B613 and how the money trail works and Olivia takes it back to the office and shares it with the Gladiators. Huck is not happy when he finds out she’s teaming with her father.

Flash forward to Andrew and Mellie. This lovely pair is having their down moments during this episode and it doesn’t end well. Andrew tells her that he’s in love with her and Mellie just stares at him and what seems like after a minute, she just runs off.

Abby calls Liv (finally!) because she sees that Janine Locke girl confessing that she in fact is the mistress that slept with the Pres. What?!?! She also tells the press that the Pres is definitely a baguette. In the conference room, the team is going crazy trying to figure out if Langston or Rustin are behind it or not. And of course it ends up being Sally. Cyrus goes overboard and wants to finish Sally by digging up her abortion past. Liv doesn’t let him.

Fitz and Liv have a moment and Liv just goes off on him. She keeps on asking him “What services can I provide to you?” and Fitz seems dumbfounded and tells her that she is being petty and disgusting. Once they both cool down, Fitz tells her that he went into the relationship eyes open, she agrees then decides to escort herself out of the room.

Quinn and Charlie are spying on Mama Pope while Olivia decides to play her angelic card and pays a visit to Jake. Obviously she works her magic and is able to get what she needed – to download all the “secret” files onto the usb port that Huck gave her.

The White House is on fire again. Cyrus being his old stubborn self leaked out the news of Sally’s abortion. Liv races down and tells Cyrus that he just cost them the election. Basically making him feel bad, but that doesn’t work on Cy instead he tells her that no one has been listening to her lately and that at this very minute the Pres is chatting it up with another potential VP since he wants Andy out. She goes to his office and escorts the woman out apologizing that there is an emergency at hand that Fitz needs to take care of right away. She has it with Fitz again – an argument that is. The end result? Her agreeing that she will take care of Andrew’s sit with Mills.

As Andy walks in to the conference room, he notices that it’s just Olivia and him and he obvi knows what this is about. She tells him that he either can choose to run for VP and she will grant him full immunity and power or he can choose to be with Mellie who will dump him within a month. She gives him 24 hours to make up his mind.

Gov Rustin is in some deep sheeet y’all. Apparently he’s the one who should be behind bars not his wife! Another OMG moment. He confronts her and tells her if she even dares to say anything about what he did, he’s going to put her in the cray cray house. Poor Rusty’s wife.

As reality sets in for poor Claire (one of Harrison’s friends), she realizes that Mama Pope is a crazy woman and wants out. She calls Harrison and tells him that she has all the info they need but that she wants immunity. He tells her that he will help her but by the time he gets to her it’s too late. She’s already dead. And Mama Pope is seen walking into the restaurant Olivia and Eli are in having dinner. She walks up to them and sits down at their table. They looks on their face was priceless! As Papa Pope leans over to grab the knife, Mama Pope is ten steps ahead and has one ready to aim. That was a pretty hold your breath moment right there. Anyways, nothing happens (thankfully) she just threatens Liv and leaves.

Andrew watches Mellie make a smart and impassioned speech at a female veterans hospital event. He begins to realize Olivia is right (no duh! when is she not?), and the campaign life is what Mellie wants. He breaks it off with her and when Mellie figures out why, she marches right into Fitz’s office, interrupts a staff metting and SLAPS the taste out of his mouth. “You take everything from me!” she screamed. Cy tries to clear the room, but Mellie insists that they stay and that she’ll leave.

Back at Pope and Associates, Olivia is feeling a little down and Abby is there to pick her up and give her a Gladiator chat like she does with them when they feel not in the mood. “Gladiators don’t get to run. They stitch themselves up and live to fight another day,” Abby said. I think something clicked after Liv heard that.

It’s the moment of truth. Can Huck really shut down B613 for good? It seems like he does just as Jake was about to give the green light to Quinn and Charlie to move in on Mama Pope and the bomb she planned on using.

The Gladiators have a celebratory drink when Jake busts in and choke slams Olivia into the door. He holds the rest of the gang back with a gun and says that Olivia just killed the Pres.

Can you believe all this happened in just ONE HOUR? What are your thoughts? Do you think Jake choking Olivia was a bad choice? One other thing we noticed, Sally’s assistant Leo, has a thing for Abby! Did you guys see the way he was swooning over her and unable to finish his sentences?! What’s going to happen to Fitz??? There are so many more questions that could be asked, but these are just a few to keep in mind until next week’s ep.

Stay Tuned!

– Tanya Nazarian





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