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Scandal 3×15 “Momma Said Knock You Out” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Wow. This episode of Scandal was an eye-opener. Cleverly titled, You’re Either In or You’re Out, The episode opens with Liv trying to talk to the president’s children.

Flashback to 24 hours earlier: The children have come to visit their parents and we see Mellie and Fitz getting dressed for what seems like the biggest interview EVER! They have dinner with each other and let’s just say it is pretty awkward.

Back at Olivia’s office, all Gladiators are on deck to find out all they can about the infamous B613. Huck tells Olivia they should not be digging into this and mutter something about, “You run, hide or you die.” Talk about some serious stuff. But what was interesting was right after Huck mentions something about wanting to get Quinn out and Olivia says she is basically over her and that they have tried everything to get her back. After Quinn’s stunt last week, Olivia does not feel comfy anymore to be around her.

Fast forward to Quinn and Charlie. They are coming out of their car and Charlie starts 21-questioning Quinn about when Huck came into her apartment. Quinn tells him that they argued and he pushed her against the wall. Lying now miss Q, huh? She decided to leave out the make-out sesh out. Good call Q! Turns out that towards the end of the episode, Charlie moves in and surprises Quinn when she comes back from another encounter and tongue session with Huck.

Fitz finally finds out about Andrew and Mellie all thanks to his daughter! Guess she accidentally walked in on them. He goes and punches Andrew aka Uncle Andrew and that is the end of Andrew. Liv sends him off (or at least we think. Tune in next week!).

Liv asks her father to help her bring down B613 but he just hangs up the phone on her. Liv also gets a phone call from get ready…MAMA POPE herself! She threatens her and tells her that her job is nothing. Basically that Olivia is pathetic. She wants Adnan back but Liv says no and as the scene cuts to Adnan we see her luring in Harrison once again and after they hook up, she injects something in his back and he is knocked out. We see her back in the game with Mama Pope at a meeting with Ivan and a flash drive that contains all the info they need to gain access to the White House. Little do they know, Command is watching from his cameras. Sneaky sneaky Ballard!

Before the episode ends, Eli calls Liv again and begins to tell her things and she asks why he is telling her now and he says because they are family and that they have to stick together. Guess that is because he got a visit from the ever-so-handsome Jake Ballard. Maybe he has become fearful?

If you think the show cannot get any better than this, you just wait until next week! Wow.

Shonda Rhimes really knows how to get us speculating!

– Tanya Nazarian





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