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Scandal 3×14 “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” Recap

Spoilers Ahead


We were warned to not miss the opening scene of Thursday night’s Scandaland now we know why. Jake shot James Novak in order to prevent him from spilling the deers about Sally’s late husband. Publius is down. Forever. Cue the tears!

What happened to David? He lives but now is Jake’s accomplice and has to cover up what Jake did to James. They ruled it as a carjacking gone wrong and it is eating up David inside so much so that he finally caves and tells Abby the truth.

This was definitely an emotional episode and it was hard to keep the tears from rolling down our faces. Especially when Cyrus finds out his hubby died. We almost forget that he had once tried to get James killed himself. While in grieving, we saw glimpses of Olivia’s parents, Huck and Quinn locking lips and a very steamy scene between Milly and Andrew.

But can we go back to Jake for a sec? Wasn’t he just pretending to be Olivia’s fake boyfriend to the public? How did he just turn that around and become a murderer? Well you can bet your bottom dollar that Olivia did some digging on her own and found out that Jake did in fact kill James. After confronting him and asking why he did it, James replied, “bad things happen to good people all the time.” Um, where is the real Jake Ballard?

Olivia’s dad also makes a cameo in the episode where he has a moment with his daughter about the incident at hand. Olivia asks him if he could just be her father for just a minute because she needed him.

The flashbacks of Cyrus and James’s relationship was just precious. One of our fav moments in this episode was when Cy stood in front of America (so-to-speak) for a press conference and just starts crying, like really crying when he realizes that James is actually gone.

#RIPJames we will miss you dearly!

 – Tanya Nazarian





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